Why don’t you do it?

I know what to do to have more money. It is simple. I need to make more sales. But I do not go and look for more clients. I sit at my home and do designs of my business cards instead. Could I make a sale without a business card? Yes, I could. But anyhow, I would rather do the simplest thing that resembles the sale. The problem is that I really know what to do to get what I want, but somehow I do not do it. And the main question here is WHY? What stops me?

In reality, it is not entirely my fault.

Our brain is sabotaging us and is working against making us happy. Actually, there is a big conflict between us and our brain. It seems we do want entirely different things.

In general, we do way too many things unconsciously, blindly following our automatic reactions without thinking, if they are beneficial to us or not. Our brain wants us to give in to the autopilot, to the habit, so they could just chill and do nothing.

Apparently, not only me who is controlled by unconscious, lazy brain. One of my previous bosses was just the same. I worked for a year preparing the plan how to improve the company’s customer service processes. They all saw the benefits of the new proposed steps. It came a day when I had to present the final plan before the implementation, finally, I thought all this work will go into the realization and guarantee the better results. The boss looked over the plan, leaned back in the black leather chair and said: “everything looks good, but… I was thinking, that implementing it will be too much work for me and everybody else… Anyhow, maybe it is not that bad as it is now… So, I decided, we will just leave it as it is. Thank you for such great work! You really did a great job!” I almost felt from my chair. Yes, my boss, was really not in control of her brain!…

I quit that job.

I quit many things.

I was dating a very charismatic man. I really thought that he lost his mind over me, because how perfectly he treated me every single day. One evening we had a dinner at my place. After, he said, he needed to go to meet his co-worker for few hours. He left. I went to check my computer. I was about to close his yahoo email account till one email caught my eye. The email was sent from my friend and the subject line of the email was very personal. Yes, I read the email. It was the longest email describing how she felt and what they did during the time when they were dating. It seemed, I was reading a diary of my relationship with him. I don’t know how he managed to date and give so much attention to both of us at the same time. He really had the greatest time management skills! As he found out that I knew about his affair, he said to me “we never talked that we are exclusive…”

Was it really his fault that he did not train his brain to mature from the animalistic brain? Or was it? This is when I realized that I do not need the men who are blindly following their unconscious brain, did not evolve their values and have no control over themselves…

Our brain will create many justifiable thoughts for us not to change anything, it will send the feelings of comfort to you even in the most miserable situations. You see, the brain is just doing its job and focusing on conserving energy! Change requires our brain to make new connections, do new activities – that means brain will have to spend energy. The brain will be the first one to resist us changing anything in our lives. This is why it will make us that something new would feel like a lot of effort, a huge probable pain. The thing is that our brain will do everything it can so we would not do anything.

The question is are you controlled by your unconscious brain or you evolved and your brain is following you.

This is what sport taught me, to break my brains, to take the control of them and take full charge of my dreams and my happiness. My coaches worked very hard with me so I would reform my brain. We trained my unconscious brain to not to stand in my way by making me super nervous, or afraid when I was competing… I tamed my brain, so you can do it too. I will give you a little tip how to trick your brain: you have to get into the habit of changing! From now on, changing should be your routine!

To be honest, I have to work every day so my brain would be obedient to me. Come to my Facebook page to not to miss more tricks how to achieve more: www.facebook.com/javelingaworld.

There is also a great Alex Monaco article about “Why nobody wants you to become happy” or how POI’SON will change you: “About what will happen when I change you all.” Also, interesting opinion of Matt Glow “Short overview of the world and would John Lennon approve it?

By the way, I resolved my problem with how to earn more money without looking for clients. I broke my brain again and I will tell you what I did soon.

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