Update your self-confidence

Are you confident? Can you measure it by percentage? How confident would you say you are? 50%? Maybe more? Or less? In the past, the percentage of my confidence was at its’ all time low. But one day the ride in the red elevator changed it.

On August 19th, 2008 two hours before riding that elevator I stood in the middle of the Bird’s Nest Stadium, which was glaring with beautiful colors, overwhelmed with loud music and the excited voices of the commentators updating the crowd of what’s going on. The crowd filled every seat in the stadium and the atmosphere created by the anxious athletes was electrified. Every competitor was waiting for their futures to unfold. I was here to throw javelin. I believed that all my competitors were better when me… I was convinced to the bone that they all trained so much more than me, there was just no way I could win.

Finally, the game started. I tried my hardest but to no surprise I lost. Dazed from another defeat I entered a red elevator. There I met my competitors who also did not manage to qualify for finals. These were the girls whom I imagined that were more prepared for the Games than me. Kara Peterson, the American record holder smiled. Then she told me that she competed with an injured leg- few weeks ago she completely tore the knee ligaments while she was preparing for the Olympics… I felt her pain and at the same time I looked around and realized that all of the other competitors were struggling with their own issues. None of them had trained perfectly before the Games. I could not believe how wrong I was! I could not believe that the thought that got ingrained in me was completely wrong!

I know, sometimes we get messages engraved in our heads sounding something like : “It is impossible for me to do what I want,” “It is impossible to change this situation,” “It is impossible to get this dream wanted job or meet someone to love, because there are smarter, better, more beautiful people than me…”

If you catch yourself saying that something is impossible just stop. Because if you step into the red elevator with the people you are comparing yourself to, you might see a whole different picture. Most likely the people you put on the pedestal think the same about you as you think about them. It could be that they see you as their biggest competition – even a threat.

After few years working with my clients I discovered the way to increase your self-confidence. Soon I will share with you one of the best techniques that helped my clients to reach happiness and success in all aspects of life. Follow me on www.facebook.com/javelingaworld.

2 thoughts on “Update your self-confidence

  • Reply Din September 22, 2015 at 6:18 am

    Very inspiring. Thanks!

  • Reply Tomas April 1, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    The only competitor I have to compete with is ME…


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