Happiness Mission

Time is flying by with so many unrealized dreams… And here passed another day… So many things to do! So many exciting things to experience! But it is so hard to change anything and this is why we will start from small and easy steps!

Every day here you will find a little mission which will lead to big things. Are you ready my secret Agent to live the life to the fullest?! No time to waste anymore! Let’s start!

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#1 DAY: October 12, 2015: Transferring emotions

Write 5 things that would make you happy at anytime!

Have this list next to you so the minute you get sad or upset, you would have a cheat sheet to change your mood!

#2 DAY: October 13, 2015: Unconditional love to yourself

How much do you love yourself?

No matter what happened in your life and how harsh self-critic you are, just for one minute, just for one moment, feel the unconditional love to yourself. Just flood your body with that amazing feeling. Self-acceptance is one of the most important factors for your happiness.

Say to yourself: “I love myself unconditionally!

#3 DAY: October 14, 2015: Magical connections

Talk to your friend with whom you were not in touch for a while.

Life is so much more interesting when you have build amazing relationships!

#4 DAY: October 15, 2015: Honesty is freedom

Today’s mission is to learn how honest we are with ourselves.

How honest are you with yourself?

Being honest with yourself is luxury that only free people can afford.

#5 DAY: October 16, 2015: Ink your dreams

Write down 3 main dreams you would like to achieve now!

There is a very big difference in having our dreams in our head and writing them down on a piece of paper. Writing them down is a first step in achieving them! It looks a very small and insignificant step, but it actually is a very important step in realizing our dreams!

#6 DAY: October 17, 2015: Explore minds of genius

Pick a genius person and read or watch a video about them or their philosophy of life.

To unlock the different possibilities for us we have to explore minds of others.

#7 DAY: October 18, 2015: Create yourself

Choose 3 main qualities that you would like how other person would describe you. Rank them by importance for you.

When you have a clear image of what kind of person you would like to be, then in any situation it is easier to choose how to act. This is the way to become yourself.

#8 DAY: October 19, 2015: Define success

Define what means success for you

What does success mean to you? Having a Ferrari, a plane or gold medal? Earning recognition from your parents or friends? Being happy or making 1,000,000 people happy? All these answers are good! However, you have to know for yourself exactly what it means for you! Maybe you are already successful and you do not know it! Or maybe you are not feeling successful even having a million? You have to know what exactly you are striving for!

#9 DAY: October 20, 2015: Slow down life

Close your eyes and take slow breaths for a moment.

Find a peace in yourself at least for a moment. Close your eyes and listen for your breath. Slow down your breath. Take few slow breaths and discover a beautiful world within you.

#10 DAY: October 21, 2015: Every day is special

List the 3 reasons that would make you get up feeling excited every day.

Then tell me what stops you to do at least one thing from that list so your every day would be exciting! There is just no time to keep dreaming that in the future the days will be better! The time is today!

#11 DAY: October 22, 2015: Not taking for granted

Say a compliment, express the sincere gratitude to at least 3 people today.

Too often we take everything for granted. Especially the people around us. We need each other. Thank you for being with me, for being my friend.

Thank you.

#12 DAY: October 23, 2015: Letting it go!

Only strong people can forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive others from not being perfect, for not becoming, doing what is expected… We are all work in progress and there is no reason or room for the feeling of unmet feelings. Try it! It feels like huge weight is lifted from your shoulders when you forgive, life becomes more peaceful and it is part of happiness…

#13 DAY: October 24, 2015: Discovering new

Today, do something what you never done before.

It would be so sad to get stuck, because there is so much more to experience, feel, taste, do, know. Learning new things help us to solve our problems better so we would be each day more happier and happier.

#14 DAY: October 26, 2015: Take your life into your hands!

Take control of the things you are in charge: your thoughts, feelings, body, behavior, energy, language, relationships, goals, learning, choices, decisions, perspective… Set all these things for success and not for excuses.

#15 DAY: October 29, 2015: The best friends around us

Just imagine you are meeting your best friends whom you haven’t seen for a while. As soon as you see them you burst with a huge smile and welcome them. What if, we would treat all people around us like our best friends? What if the stranger would greet you like that? Interesting how the world would look like, if we would treat each other with heartwarming attitude?

Today, talk to a stranger as your long time friend.

#16 DAY: October 30, 2015: Energy comes from creating

So nice to create something yourself, with your own hands, your own mind and feelings. Baking a cake, planting a tree, writing a poem, building a business, making a product, offering a specialty which helps others produce something beautiful. Creating generates the most powerful energy.

Today, create something!

#17 DAY: November 2, 2015: The art of thinking

Our thinking can lead us to our unhappiness and stagnation. On our thinking depends how we see and rationalize our world. On thinking depends, if we will build the barriers or opportunities in our lives. Thinking is an art that has to be trained and challenged all the time.

Write down the problem and next to it write how this problem could be the 5 different opportunities for you.

#18 DAY: November 3, 2015: Do not miss the beautiful

Have you noticed that all of us are so busy living in the future? Full of wishes, desires, needs! We are always unsatisfied, wanting for more! It is not a bad thing! However, to be able not to miss the present life we have to not to forget to appreciate it!
When you will lie down in bed tonight remember all the beautiful things that happened today, all the beautiful things you saw today!

#19 DAY: November 4, 2015: The power of NOW

Whatever you ever wanted to do START NOW! Not tomorrow, not when you will be ready, not when there will be more time, more money. Anything you want to have, to be, to do you can do the first step NOW! There will be no perfect time for it and the more you prolong, the unhappier you will become… Do not let your mind run countless questions, worries, fears, what ifs! You can stop those disastrous thoughts of possible failure immediately making the first step towards your dream! I am sure, that you know what that step is and I am sure you will do whatever it takes to make it successful! You will learn so much from doing it!

  1. Think of your dream.
  2. Write down all specific steps you need to do to reach your dream.
  3. Do the first step NOW!

#20 DAY: November 10, 2015: Every moment counts

So many things happen to us during the day and every moment is invaluable. Every moment is responsible for our present and future. Every moment could be the greatest or the worst for us depending on how much we learned from the past about ourselves and life. Every moment is our life. Make it the happiest experience by learning the most!
Write down 5 the biggest lessons you learned so far.

#21 DAY: November 12, 2015: Useless thoughts

Have you noticed that often we worry so much about the things that will never happen. It seems, we are running all possible scenarios in our heads trying to protect or prepare ourselves from any possible pain. However, those worrying thoughts usually hurt us much more than actual life. All the worries and big problems pass, become forgotten, this is why, it is just meaningless to worry. We waste so much time on hurting ourselves instead of spending that time on enjoying the beautiful present.
Notice all worrying thought you have. Catch them, write them down and just throw them away. Then snap out of yourself and look around: no matter what life is beautiful.

#22 DAY: November 25, 2015: Focused speed

Much of your life depends on the speed how fast you move, move on and transfer unhappy emotion into the happy one. You will see and experience more things by moving around faster! Speed also generates more energy. Note, it does not mean reckless moving to all directions or ignoring. It has to be focused speed. Taking the most needed from the moment and moving on!
Challenge yourself to keep moving faster and faster embracing the moment to the fullest.

#23 DAY: December 7, 2015: Fighting for the bigger things

Every day we are fighting. But for what exactly? Muhammad Ali was the best because he was fighting not for money or fame. He was fighting for something more than wealth or title. To achieve something more, to live a bigger life we have to live, fight for the bigger purpose than us! So, what are you fighting for?
Write, your purpose in life!

#24 DAY: December 12, 2015: Simplify
Happiness is in the clarity and the simplicity. Simplify your life by clarifying that is the most important for you and eliminate everything that is not. If everything is important, then nothing is important. The minute you will take charge of the chaos in you and around you, you will start living.
Write 5 things that is the most important in your life.

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