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It was already end of the day, I was still sitting at my work, behind the computer screens glaring at me with unfinished reports. I just did not care anymore. How everything changed. Once, I was so excited to come to work, get the new tasks, work with people, create, learn… Now, I learned to pretend that I am working. It was ok for a while, till now…

I looked for answers everywhere asked my friends, mentors, coach, read articles, but all answers were so different and none felt right. I tried to avoid thinking about it, but it was following me everywhere like a black, heavy shadow. I just could not handle anymore the overwhelming feelings of being trapped, desperate, scared, not knowing what to do next. Million thoughts and questions were burning my mind. Should I leave? Where to go next? What, if another place will be even the worst? Could it be the worst? How long can I handle pretending?

Almost everybody left home and I was still sitting frozen at my desk. The eyes filled up with tears. It was my last resort, I called my mom thousands miles away. I was scared to tell her that I wanted to quit my job, I did not know what I want to do next and admit that I cannot resolve my problems… She quietly listened me crying and just said one thing: “do you remember, you used to write, write a letter to yourself.” At first, I thought how irrelevant it is. But I was desperate. I tore a blank sheet from my work notebook and I started to write. I wrote all that I wished for, everything how I would prefer to have, to be. I wrote everything that was in my head and in my heart.

The ideas, thoughts, dreams, wishes and desires the minute they become written down they become more real as ever. Because everything that’s just in our heads is shapeless and timeless. To make your dreams happen, for our body to move, to take action to the right direction, it has to have a clear and simple order. And those orders are finally crystallized, then they are written down. This tool is so simple, but at the same time so powerful.

Apparently, we have all the answers in ourselves and only we ourselves can solve our problems… We just need to unlock those answers’ and the key is writing your thoughts and feelings down.

Side-effects of writing:

  • Being able to crystallize what you want to do.
  • Being able to organize and plan the exact actions you need to achieve your desired results.
  • Being able clear your mind from many confusing thoughts.
  • Being able to have a history of your past to make better decisions in your future. My coaches made me have training books. Where I had to write down all my workouts, what raps I did, how they felt, so I would know how my body respond to what I do in training and in life. It was the most important book because by looking at it my coach and I could train focused and efficiently to reach my goals. Just imagine, if you would have a book, where you would write down how your meeting went, how your negotiations were, how you resolved the conflicts, what problems required which approach. By writing it down everything that happened, how you reacted, what you would like to improve next, also what worked well for you will secure success for future events, by learning from the past. Instead of relying on piece and bits we remember from past events. Besides, most of the time we remember so little and less accurate what actually happened.
  • The most importantly being able to learn more about yourself. I have a diary from the childhood. It is amusing to read now, a bit even embarrassing, but amazing to have that history of ourselves and being able to realize how we change, how our view of the world changes with time.

Writing is a beautiful key to unlock yourself.

Write on paper, write in the computer or phone, write on the note or napkin, write in the special book, on the wall, street, write anywhere just write!

Some fun places to write online:

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