By which rules should you live?

A few months ago my Godmother took me to her backyard, where she sat me down on the porch swing. She looked at me, took my hand into hers and said: “Inga, when are you going to finally find a husband and get married? Believe me, none of your ambitions, the carrier, the fame or money will bring you real happiness. Just look at those rich people, your clients, how many of them are really happy?!”

As many people you encounter this is how many opinions you hear how one should live the life. I lived in four different countries and experienced different cultural rules. Nevertheless my own family had their own rules for me as what job to get, who to date, when to marry or how to act… It was confusing which rules should I obey since some were contradictory.

So, what should one do? Make their family happy and do what is expected of them? Adapt to the rules to be accepted? Be selfish, excluded, not “nice” and go against the rules, do only what you want? Pick and choose? Or…

Guess what?! It does not matter by which rules you will live and whom you will satisfy yourself or others… What matters the most is, if you really do know, what those rules you chose mean.

As my Godmother continued: “Believe me, there is nothing more beautiful than being married… Besides, you will not take all that you earned with you to the grave…” In my head popped the question: “What about my future husband? According to her, does it mean that I will have to take my husband to the grave with me?”

It’s tricky, right!?
But it is worth to really think what we say to ourselves.

2 thoughts on “By which rules should you live?

  • Reply Matas January 7, 2016 at 12:14 am

    Inspiring! keep them going 😉

  • Reply Andrew G. January 13, 2016 at 11:47 pm

    You killed me. In good way. Thanks!

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