Brain training #2: How to have better solutions to our problems?

We as humans have precious capabilities but somehow we never got a manual how to use them. Our life quality depends on how we solve our problems mentally and emotionally.

Once Albert Einstein said:

“Problems cannot be solved on the mindset level they were created but only on the next level above them.”

For better life experiences, better solutions to our problems we have to expand our mindset… But how to do it? Hmmm?…

Research says – make your brain have “Eureka” moment!

It is a fascinating subject how to dig in our brain to fish out the gem solutions to our problems. Insights (“Eureka” moments) are created when our brain does unconscious processing and connects the new dots we never knew existed. Insights allow us to make the never known realizations, they create the expansion of our mind.

“Specifically, we define insight as any sudden comprehension, realization, or problem solution that involves a reorganization of the elements of a person’s mental representation of a stimulus, situation, or event to yield a non-obvious or nondominant interpretation.”

Insights are almost like magic. They break the mental blocks created by us fixating on incorrect strategy or association. When those mental blocks are broken often the solution seems so simple!

The problems in our life activate a number of associations in our memory. Usually, the dominant associations win. However, for us to come up with a better NEW solution we have to give a chance to the weaker, non-dominant associations.

The good news is that we all had those “Eureka” moments in our life. So how to do the magic and expand our mindset more often? These are the ways how to have those moments:

  1. Positive mood – it always helps to OPEN your mind! To create an insight the brain has to access the weak and distant associations and it seems that the positive mood lets the brain do this so much easier.
  2. Reduce distractions = close your eyes + CALM your mind. To get to the insight we have to reduce the noise from distractions (our mental blocking thoughts, external stimulus) it also helps the brain to access the information stored in your unconscious that you never used.
  3. Go to abstract thinking. Think about the things that are far away in distance or time, about people that are different from you (abstract thinking also increases creativity).
  4. All attention and focus have to be directed inwardly. To expand your mindset you have to use what you have and you have a LOT of information in your brain!
  5. Here comes the most tricky part… You have to be flexible to KEEP SWITCHING BETWEEN THOUGHTS, ACTIONS and GOALS but DON’T GET DISTRACTED WHILE DOING IT. The key is not to focus only on one thing as task or goal… (As I understood it, you have to keep switching thoughts but not get distracted from the subject.) For this, you have to be relaxed.

Master your brain and your mind will be shining with new insights that will be delivering the better solutions and life experience.

Train your brain like a muscle. At first, it’s painful, it’s resisting, but after – improving gets addicting.


Try some exercises for the insight training:

In each problem, you have to move 1 matchstick to make the equation valid.

  1. XI = XII + I
  2. V = VI + I
  3. VII = VIII + I
  4. V = VII + I
  5. I = V + III

For more insights visit me at:

Have yourself more “Eureka” moments. Let me know, how it goes for you in the comment section.


Resources: “The Cognitive Neuroscience of Insight” by John Kounios and Mark Beeman research.

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