Brain training #1: How to make your motivation last

Wanting to reach your goals, stay motivated and keep making good decisions you have to take care of your brain. Especially your cognitive energy.


Tired brain impairs self-regulation, that means less control over crazy thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Tired brain also directly hurts your motivation. Research proved that motivation and fatigue are inter-dependent.

“Successful emotion regulation depends not only on individual differences in executive capacity but also on the extent to which these resources get exhausted and recover overtime.” (Grillon)


What do we do to make our machines, computers last longer? The same we have to do with our brain.

It’s that simple.

You have to give your brain some rest!


You do not need to do some complicated things to restore your cognitive depletion. Your brain gets to rest when you start thinking about something else than usual or reappraising the situation from the different light. Just try these techniques right now. You see it’s not hard, but super needed for your brain.


The danger is that overworked and overstressed brain will force you to give them some unhealthy break. When brain needs rest they boil your emotions and activate in you unhealthy short-term “solutions” such as smoking, alcohol or other addictions. Unfortunately, these urges are also your brain killers in the long run.

“Healthy functioning requires coping with stress and the ability to alter behavioral tendencies and urges (e.g. to refrain from smoking). These control mechanisms of behaviors require mental efforts and may also be impaired by depletion.” (Grillon)


Take care of your brain! Keep playing with your thoughts! Keep training your brain!

Learn to rest your brain so you would be always fully charged to conquer your dreams!



Grillon, C et al. “Mental Fatigue Impairs Emotion Regulation.” Emotion (Washington, D.C.) 15.3 (2015): 383–389. PMC. Web. 10 June 2016.

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