Olympian, brain training specialist, MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamps lecturer and coach

“Inga there’s a man here to see you.” Turns out it was a scout for the Lithuanian national team. This man who discovered me would transform my life. “You will be a javelin thrower,” he told me. I had no idea what that was. But within two years, I was competing with the best. After reaching finals in the European Championship, I was recruited and offered a scholarship to attend the University of Southern California. Here I met my new coach Dan Lange who thought me not just how to compete with others but also how to win against myself. After many hardships success followed. Winning 2001 NCAA Championship, finals in the World University Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and silver medals in the 2013 and 2015 Small State Games.

I am, Inga Stasiulionyte, an Olympian athlete and javelin thrower. For over 20 years I was coached by the best coaches in Europe and the U.S., and competed at the Beijing Olympic Games. Besides developing my career in sports, I simultaneously pursued a career in business, working with executives as a brain training coach. Since 2006 I am specializing in the high level performance training for executives and athletes:

  • Olympian mindset development – the attitude that keeps you on track towards your goals.
  • Mental strength – how to embrace challenges, chaos, uncertainty and recover from failures fast.
  • Decision making – logic, intuition and creativity training – when to use logic and when to use intuition.
  • High level productivity every day – how to organize the daily life so you would be able to sustain the long road to desired successes, without going crazy.
  • High level performance under pressure – how to do your best in competitions, negotiations, conflicts, sales pitches or presentations.

I look at the business as a sport and at executives as high level athletes. I work with scientists and doctors who provide me with the latest research data and I create the exercises and the exercises sequences for my clients to train their brain to respond to life challenges better and achieve extraordinary results. 

We are the result of random learnings. Now, we can systematically re-learn how to function better, with less suffering, better results and more enjoyment.

Inga holds a bachelor degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California, masters degree in international business and global affairs from the International University of Monaco. She worked as a Sr. finance and operations analyst in the USA, built her career in executive coaching in Monaco, is a mentor at the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamps.


Executive training

The first meeting is free to see from what kind of training the client would benefit the most. As we determine the biggest stops I create the training plan and exercises for the brain to reprogram the new behavior. We meet in person or via Skype once a week to see how the exercises worked, what results achieved and what new weaknesses need to be strengthen. To gain new mindset and learn self-management techniques on average need 10 meetings. In the beginning we do weekly meetings and after we meet as needed.



Self-training – Onbotraining.com

I collaborated with Alex Monaco, an amazing motivational author and designer to create the most unique online brain training program. I used the most effective techniques in building the core for the mindset strength and Alex made it super fun. The program is like your coach who is there to ask you important questions, evaluate your efforts, advise you and give you the actionable exercise for the day. The key is to train your mind to be flexible by keep asking the most important questions and looking for better answers. At least 5 minutes a day spent on important questions already makes a big difference in strengthening your mindset.


Extreme results bootcamp – Braintraininglab.com 

“Think slow, but decide fast” – an intuition training bootcamp. Team of experts will share with you the vast amount of knowledge about the brain function and brain training techniques. The key is to train our brain to make better decisions with the greater impact especially in the stressful and complicated situations.




Self-training for the stronger mindset – Onbo.lt

Self-training to increase the self-confidence for women – Laimingos.lt

“Gyvos Moterys” (“Alive Women”) community – Facebook.com/groups/GyvosMoterys



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