10 Tips to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

JW Monaco Success

I’m no stranger to feeling stuck in life. I’ve trained with some of the best coaches on the planet during my 20-year sports career, and again when I competed in the 2008 Olympics. But when I wanted to start my own company, to share my knowledge about motivational psychology and training with others, it wasn’t as easy as I’d thought it would be. Launching a …

Brain training #2: How to have better solutions to our problems?

Javelingaworld Insight psychology

We as humans have precious capabilities but somehow we never got a manual how to use them. Our life quality depends on how we solve our problems mentally and emotionally. Albert Einstein once said: “Problems cannot be solved on the mindset level they were created but only on the next level above them.” For better life experiences, better solutions to our problems we have to …

Brain training #1: How to make your motivation last

JW Motivation brain

Wanting to reach your goals, stay motivated and keep making good decisions you have to take care of your brain. Especially your cognitive energy. PROBLEM Tired brain impairs self-regulation, that means less control over crazy thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Tired brain also directly hurts your motivation. Research proved that motivation and fatigue are inter-dependent. “Successful emotion regulation depends not only on individual differences in executive …

What are you fighting for?

1972:  Muhammad Ali during training for his fight with Al "Blue" Lewis held in Dublin,Republic of Ireland in 1972

Every day we are fighting. But for what exactly? Muhammad Ali was the greatest because he was fighting not for money or fame. He was fighting for something more than wealth or title. Fight the bigger purpose than you! Only then you will be unbeatable. The Greatest will never die!  

The simplest way to achieve your dream


Ahhh life is so beautiful! There are so many things to do and experience. Too many things! This is where the problem starts. It feels that there is not enough time to realize all your dreams. Where to begin? Such a beautiful thing as achieving a dream becomes an overwhelming and upsetting problem. We end up with million excuses why we should put our dreams …

Why don’t you do it?

Your lazzy brain

I know what to do to have more money. It is simple. I need to make more sales. But I do not go and look for more clients. I sit at my home and do designs of my business cards instead. Could I make a sale without a business card? Yes, I could. But anyhow, I would rather do the simplest thing that resembles the …

4 steps how to recover from emotional pain fast

Emotional Pain

In one of our interesting conversations, Inge Solheim, the polar expeditions guide, told me that he encounters two types of people: 1 – people, who no matter what happens they just keep going and 2 – people who, do everything to avoid pain. Guess, which type of people succeed more? All people have different pain tolerance levels. We may prevent ourselves from succeeding depending on …